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Roter Veltliner Ried Hochstrass 20232024-05-24T10:21:24+02:00

Roter Veltliner Ried Hochstrass 2023

Origin: Austria
Wine growing area: Niederösterreich
Wine village: 3472 Hohenwarth
Vineyard: Ried Hochstrass
Terroir: sandy soil with a high content of lime
Size of bottles: 0,75 lt, 1,5 lt magnum
The harvest is made by hand. After a short maceration period, the grapes are pressed carefully and are fermented at 17 degrees Celsius with selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks. This wine stays on the fine yeast until February.
Wine description:
Fine fruit aroma, fruity and lively, delicate hints of almonds, an elegant play of acidity, multi-layered and complex.  The varietal rarity from Hohenwarth and a white wine Diva.
Analytical data:
Alcohol: 12,5 %vol
Residual sugar: 4,0 g/l
Acidity: 6,2 g/l
Drinkable and food comparing:
Young and fresh up to 5 years; It goes well with fish, sea-fruit, hummer, veal and hearty cooked poultry.


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