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The wine village Hohenwarth was first mentioned in documents around 1150. Even then, the potential for viticulture was recognized. It goes back to the 10th century.

If today the Danube flows as the southern border of the Weinviertel between Kahlenberg and Bisamberg, this is – geologically seen – a very recent development. Originally, a precursor of the Danube flowed from the area of Krems via Hohenwarth through the middle of the Weinviertel. The gravels, sands and clays of the Urdonau, partly with powerful loess and clay coverings, are the most important basis for our wines. Doris and Leopold have been entrusted with a true treasure of soil diversity here in Hohenwarth.

The chalky gravel soils of the Urdonau and little rainfall allow the vines to take deep root. The Pannonian climate with warm days, cool nights and the steady winds from the Manhartsberg guarantee aromatic wines with fresh acidity and fine fruit. We know our vineyards like the back of our hand and are aware of their special characteristics and challenges. And we strive to make these site characteristics tangible in our wines.

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