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Winery Sutter

From the outside, nobody has an idea what is hidden behind the walls on the busy Weinviertler Straße in Hohenwarth. But as soon as you enter the courtyard of the winery, you find yourself in another world. A gem!

The Sutters have renovated the old historic house from 1671 with great attention to detail, creating a distinctive atmosphere. The romantic courtyard with the garden invites you to linger. The Sutters draw strength and inspiration from this oasis, which has been owned by the winemaking family for 10 generations.

Doris & Leopold

So alike and yet so different – two who complement each other perfectly – despite or even because of their opposites.

He – son of a traditional winemaking family, who, in addition to his education at the School of Viticulture in Krems, learned the craft of winemaking above all from his father.
He has a special bond with this piece of land and is deeply rooted in his homeland.
He the quiet, introverted, gentle with depth, who feels most comfortable in his cellar, where there is a silence and tranquility that is almost meditative.


She – the lively whirlwind, the optimist, bursting with energy and enjoyment of life.
She – the trained lawyer, who actually had completely different plans ….

But then everything changed – she fell in love with the charming winemaker and since 2013 she has been by his side. Little by little, she felt that her future lay in wine. Being a winemaker is Doris lifelong dream. She feels it is a great privilege to live and work in nature.

The profession of winemaker is very complex. Working together, their different strengths and skills, and their shared passion for wine give Doris and Leopold energy and drive for their work as winemakers. In the vineyard, in the cellar, at presentations and tastings, and of course with their customers.

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